Wasco’s new MOT breaks ground

Groundbreaking for new Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation Building

Wasco Union Elementary School District breaks ground for their new Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation (MOT) facility.

TETER joined Superintendent Kelly Richers, the Board of Trustees, Director of Facilities Planning Daniel Vargas, and Director of MOT Rob Sanchez at the district’s groundbreaking ceremonies.

After nearly 80 years in their current facility, Wasco Union Elementary School District’s department of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation is eager to relocate to their new facility.

The new MOT is being constructed near the southern boundary of the City of Wasco in order to efficiently support the needs of the growing district. Relocating the main bus and warehousing facility further away from the center of town benefits Wasco. Daily school bus traffic congestion will be alleviated in an area of the City of Wasco that has developed significantly over the last 80 years.

The 4.7 acre property will be developed with ample employee parking, school bus parking with space for expansion, office, warehouse, and bus maintenance building totaling 15,000 square feet.

Thanks to funding from Measures D and E, Wasco UESD’s larger and more efficient facility will be completed in December, 2019.

Kelly Richers, Wasco Union Elementary School District Superintendent

L to R: Luis Arrezola (TETER Design Professional), Daniel Vargas, Architect (Director of Facilities Planning), Luke Casavant, Robert Thornton, Ralph Williamsen (TETER Architects), Gabe Ceja, Ana Santiago (TETER Project Coordinator), Tayler Wells (Klassen Corp. Project Engineer), Kelly Richers (Superintendent), Alex Flores (Klassen Corp Jobsite Superintendent), and Ryan Inglehart (Klassen Corp. Director of Construction).

Rod Paine (Klassen Corp. Senior Project Manager) speaks to TETER staff at the groundbreaking ceremony.